Hi everyone! I'm Brittney, the owner of Luna+Liyah. I am a wife and mother of four, 2 girls & 2 boys! Luna+Liyah was started at the end of 2018 for my girls, Maliyah and Luna. Maliyah never goes a day without a big bow or headwrap and Luna has far too many nylon headbands for only being one but what can I say?! We love ALL the girly things. The older my girls get the more I've realized, there isn't much variety out there! Maliyah likes to have a different bow for every outfit and because of this, Luna+Liyah was born! 

Together Maliyah & I pick out the different fabrics and she names almost every bow! 🎀 We have so much fun creating this business together and watching it grow, sometimes (if I'm lucky) my husband will even prep the fabric for me to sew! It has been great to have the whole family involved and dedicated to the success. I hope you all love our creations as much as we do and continue to help us come up with new ideas! We are so thankful for each and every one of you.

Thank you for supporting our small business!